NJ Election Law Enfrocement Commission - Treasurer Training
  Treasurer Training for Candidates and Committees

Training is mandatory for the treasurers of candidates and committees as listed below:

  • Gubernatorial, Senate, and General Assembly Candidates and Committees
  • Legislative Leadership Committees
  • State Political Party Committees

Training is optional for treasurers of local candidates and committees, county and local political party committees, and continuing political committees.

Familiarity with the relevant Compliance Manual is required. If you do not have a Compliance Manual, they are available online as follows:

There are two ways to become a certified trained treasurer:


This training is classroom/lecturer style and is held at ELEC’s offices in Trenton. Simply submit a reservation form indicating the date you plan to attend. See the current seminar schedule and to register for the seminar.

After attending the seminar training, each treasurer or individual will receive a Treasurer Training Certificate with a Treasurer Identification Number (TIN). This Certificate will be mailed to the attendee shortly after attending the seminar. The TIN never expires and is assigned to the individual who has completed the training. The TIN is required to be placed on certain forms filed with ELEC.

Online Training  ONLINE TRAINING

The Treasurer Training Website uses pop-up windows. Find out more about Pop-Up Blockers.

Candidates and treasurers can become certified trained treasurers at any time by taking a Treasurer Test. This training is a "Question and Answer" open book test. Familiarity with the relevant Compliance Manual is required. One way to gain familiarity with the material covered in the Compliance Manual for Candidates is by viewing the Interactive Campaign Seminar. Those who take the test will receive immediate feedback on the correctness of his/her response. NOTE: It is not advisable to being to take the website test if you have not reviewed the relevant Compliance Manual and the instructions to the forms.

Selecting a Treasurer Test.

Taking The Test  TAKING THE TEST

Before beginning the test, be sure to read the appropriate Compliance Manual. For example, if you are the treasurer for a candidate, the “Compliance Manual for Candidates” is the appropriate Manual for your review and reference. The appropriate Compliance Manual can remain open during the test—this is a learning experience!

The Manuals are located to the right of the test. The Manual can be opened in an Adobe PDF format and left opened for the duration of the test. Or, you may print the Manual so that you have it in paper format during the test. If you would like to have the Manual in paper format, but do not have the ability to print, contact the staff of the Commission at: 1 (888) 313-ELEC and request that a Manual be mailed to you.

The test consists of 50 questions. To complete the test, 36 questions must be answered correctly. Provide the best answer to each question. If the answer you select is incorrect, you must try again. You will not be able to proceed to the next question until the correct answer is selected. However, once you select and enter an incorrect answer, that question will be counted as a wrong answer even if you answered it correctly the second time.

The test will take about one hour. The test must be completed in one session because your questions and answers cannot be saved for a later time.

Selecting a Treasurer Test.

Passing The Test - Issuance of the Treasurer Training ID Number And Certificate  PASSING THE TEST - ISSUANCE OF THE TREASURER

If you are successful and answer 36 questions correctly, you have passed the test and will be prompted to provide your name and address so that you can receive a Treasurer Training Identification Number and a Treasurer Training Certificate. The Treasurer Training Identification Number will be provided to you immediately after providing your name and address; the Certificate will be mailed to the address you have provided.

Taking The Test Again  TAKING THE TEST AGAIN

If you do not answer 36 questions correctly, staff suggests that you try again after you have reviewed the Manual. A Study Guide will be provided to you so that you can review the incorrect answers and prepare for your next try. The test can be taken as many times as necessary to pass.

If you have any questions concerning ELEC’s Treasurer Training Program, please contact the staff of the Compliance Division at (609) 292-8700 or toll free within NJ at 1 (888) 313-ELEC (3532).

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