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The staff of the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission is available to provide website assistance every Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. exclusive of State holidays, by calling (609) 292-8700, or, toll free (within New Jersey) at 1 (888) 313-ELEC (3532).

To complete an electronic E-Filing (Short Forms), please see “Filing Instructions” located at the bottom of each electronic filing form window. Contact the Help Desk for Electronic Filing if you are experiencing technical difficulties with the website or a problem with the mechanics of filing the form.

At the present time, the E-Filing (Short Forms) are not compatible with browsers other than Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE). Contact the Help Desk for Electronic Filing by calling (609) 292-8700 or, toll free (within New Jersey) at 1 (888) 313-ELEC (3532) for assistance to download and use Microsoft IE.

Contact the Compliance Division if you have a question concerning a filing date, the contribution limits, or other similar questions concerning the campaign finance laws and regulations .

R-1 Electronic Filing (REFS)

Prior to the 2013 Primary and General Elections, notice went out to all REFS filers indicating that the REFS program had to be upgraded in order to continue to file electronically. If you did not upgrade to REFS Version 3.7.2 or higher, NOTE that as of June 30, 2014 you will not be able to file your campaign finance report electronically. If you use the REFS software, go to the link that was previously emailed to you to upgrade, or contact the electronic filing help desk at (609) 292-8700 or Toll Free within NJ at 1-888-313-3532 for assistance with the upgrade.

Pop-up Blocker Information

Please be aware that our Electronic Filing website uses pop-up windows or tabs. This is to enhance your experience on our site. Please be assured that our website will never use pop-up windows for any type of advertising. If you are currently blocking pop-ups you may want to consider either enabling them for this website (if your software allows this) or temporarily turning off your pop-up blocker while on our site.

If you require further assistance, please call our main number (609) 292-8700 or Toll Free within NJ 1 (888) 313-ELEC (3532) during regular business hours and ask to speak to the help desk.

Netzero  |  AOL  |  MSN  |  Yahoo


Netzero - Please review pop-up information available from Netzero.

AOL - These instructions are for the latest version (AOL 9.0 Optimized) on how to choose your Pop-up Preferences.

To set your Pop-up Preferences, please follow the steps below:

  • On the AOL Toolbar, click SETTINGS
  • In the Essentials tab, click POP-UPS
  • Check to enable or uncheck to disable the following options:
    - Suppress pop-ups from websites I visit using AOL software.
    - Play a sound when a website pop-up has been suppressed.
    - Suppress AOL member-only special offers.
  • To specify a site from which you wish to allow pop-ups, type the Web address (e.g., in Allow only these sites (suppress all others), then click ADD (repeat for each site you'd like to receive pop-ups from).
  • Click SAVE.
  • Click the X in the upper right corner to close the Settings window. NOTE: You can also change your Pop-up Preferences at any time by going to AOL Keyword: Pop-up Preferences.
  • NOTE: You can allow or disable pop-ups anytime by clicking the "Blocking Pop-ups" or "Allowing this site" button at the bottom of the website window.


  • On the MSN toolbar, click MSN logo and choose "Help" option
  • A new window will open on the side of your screen, choose "Using Pop-up Guard". In the list shown, choose "Choose to block or show pop-up windows"
  • You will again be directed to a new page, choose "Block pop-up windows on all of the websites you go to"
  • You will now see the directions on turning the Pop-up Blocker on and off
    A simple instruction that you can give to your users in turning off the Pop-up Blocker is to just click on the "pop-ups Blocked" button to make it "pop-ups Allowed"

Further, you may also include a particular site to allow pop-ups. Please follow these steps:

  • On the MSN toolbar, click the "Options" button
  • Click "Pop-up Guard Settings,"
  • Click the "Allow List" tab
  • In the "Add" text box, type the address (URL) of the website where you want pop-up windows to appear
  • Click "Add."

If a particular user has included your website in the "allow list", Pop-ups will not be blocked every time the user visits your page.

Yahoo! -To view pop-up windows that have been blocked, do the following:

  • Click the Pop-Up Blocker menu
  • Select "View Recently Blocked Pop-Ups"
  • Select an item from the sub-menu to see what was blocked. If no items are present, no pop-ups have been blocked.

Note: the sub-menu only lists pop-ups that were blocked in the current browser session. The list is automatically cleared when you close all your browser windows.

Please review the index of Yahoo! pop-up toolbar related items.

Electronic Filing is unavailable between 2:30-3:30 am for
routine overnight maintenance.