Lobbying Electronic Filing Annual Report Forms and instructions are now located in the electronic filing section.
Governmental Affairs Agents
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Quarterly Reports
Governmental Affairs Agents Quarterly Reports and Summary Data – Scanned Reports and Summary Data. Lobbyist Quarterly Report Summaries are posted on the website on the first Thursday in March, June, September and December.
Annual Reports
Governmental Affairs Agents Annual Reports and Summary Data – Reports and Summary Data from Annual Financial Reports of Represented Entities and Governmental Affairs Agents. Revised: 06/2015
Quarterly Report Information and Filing Materials
Fillable and Saveable Forms The forms listed with this icon are adobe fillable and saveable forms. They can also be printed as a blank form by opening the form and clicking on the print icon.

To use the Adobe fill-in forms you need to have the latest version of Adobe Reader. These forms cannot be filed electronically. They can be filled in and saved to your computer. Open the form and use the “Save” button from the Adobe reader to save the completed or blank form to your computer. After completing the form, print, sign and file with the Commission. Additional Fill-in Form Information.

ALERT: Adobe Acrobat Reader MUST be used to properly fill-in and submit the AGAA form. Although third party PDF programs (software) such Foxit Pro and Nitro will allow you to fill-in the form, their use will corrupt the form and make it unable to be processed by our system. Unfortunately, when a form has already been opened in one of these third party programs it will need to be discarded and a new form downloaded and opened in Adobe Reader only. Download the Free Adobe Reader HERE.

Special Instructions for Chrome Users Special Instructions for Chrome Users
Filing Dates
Name Form Instructions Description
NR Form NR - Electronic NR Instructions Notice of Representation Form*
*Effective July 20, 2015 the annual registration fee for each Government Affairs Agent was increased to $575.00. See N.J.A.C. 19:25-20.20(a).
NT Form NT-Electronic NT Instructions Notice of Termination Form
Q-4 Form Q-4-Electronic Q-4 Instructions Quarterly Report of Governmental Affairs Agent Form
L-3 Form L-3 Form L-3 Instructions Certification of consent to service of process and submission to Jurisdiction in the State of New Jersey
ELEC-Listing of Subject Topics Listing of Subject Headings

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