Help for GEFS

To Attach A Multi-Page Image
To Attach a Multi-Page Image to a Contribution:

If your bank date stamps deposit slips on the back of the slip, you will have to scan images of both the front and back of each deposit slip and “marry” both images to the contributions in the deposit. You may also have two pages of a related document that provide necessary information concerning one contribution item. You will therefore need to “marry” a multi-page document to a contribution item.

Click on the Deposit Slip or Related Document(s) Tab. Using the NEXT or PREVIOUS buttons, locate the first page of the correct Deposit Slip or Related Document for the contribution. CLICK on the “Attach Deposit Slip” or “Attach Related Document(s)” box. GEFS will automatically highlight the screen background of the image to indicate that the screen is “active” and the first page of the document will be attached to the contribution details. To attach a second or subsequent page, use the NEXT or PREVIOUS buttons to locate the correct page(s) of the Deposit Slip or Related Document. Use CTRL + LEFT CLICK to highlight the second or subsequent page of the Deposit Slip or Related Document. Click SAVE. Repeat the procedure if there are additional pages to be attached.