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Batch Scan Mode
Batch Scan Mode

Arrange documents to be scanned. Scan documents together that relate to a single deposit. Scan documents for each deposit in the following order: deposit slip, checks, and related documents. The capacity of your scanner will dictate the number of documents that may be scanned in a batch and whether or not different-sized documents may be scanned at the same time.

Place documents in the scanner following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Click on Batch Scan (1). The scanner will automatically feed and scan documents.

After scanning is completed, an image of a scanned document will appear on the screen as shown below. Examine the document and determine whether it is a deposit slip, check, or related document. For each image on the screen, use the radio buttons at the bottom, left (1), of the screen to select the correct Document Type.

Batch Scan Document

Click SAVE (2). The next document will appear in the screen. Repeat the process for each scanned image that appears on the screen by selecting the document type using the radio buttons. If necessary, use the ROTATE buttons (3) to turn the image. Click on SAVE after each document.

If you close the scanning session before assigning a document type to each image, you may use RESUME (4) to continue. When you have completed the batch scanning session, click CLOSE (5).

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