Help for GEFS

Inserting Contribution Details

Electronic Filing Contribution Menu

To begin entering contribution information and to “marry” the images of deposit slips, checks, and related documents to the contribution details, CLICK on CONTRIBUTION in the Main Menu.

Inserting Contribution Details

Use SCHEDULE DETAILS to INSERT new contribution information into GEFS, EDIT to modify information previously entered into GEFS, and DELETE to remove contribution information from GEFS.

The EXPORT function will allow you to copy contribution information into other formats or another database for uses other than filing Form P-1 or Form G-1 with the Commission. You may EXPORT data to a comma delimited text file or an Excel spreadsheet.

Insert Contribution Item Details

Select INSERT to enter new contribution details to be “married” to images of deposit slips, checks, and related documents that have already been scanned into GEFS. The Insert Schedule Details Screen will appear:

Insert Contribution Item Details

Item Details Tab

From the SELECT SCHEDULE TYPE drop down box, SELECT the appropriate Form P-1 schedule for which you wish to enter contribution information:

Schedule 1 - Receipts Submitted for Match

Schedule 2 - Receipts Submitted in Part for Match

Schedule 3 - Receipts Not Submitted For or Not Eligible For Match

Schedule 4 - Reportable Disbursements.

Descriptions of the Form P-1 schedules begin on the next page.