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Inserting Expenditure Details

Electronic Filing Expenditures Menu

To begin to enter expenditure information, CLICK on EXPENDITURE in the GEFS Main Menu. In SCHEDULE DETAILS select INSERT to add new expenditure information into GEFS, EDIT to modify expenditure information previously entered into GEFS, and DELETE to remove expenditure information from GEFS.

Inserting Expenditure Details


GEFS contains eight expenditure schedules (Schedules 5 through 12) that correspond to the Form G-1 expenditure schedules:


Schedule Expenditure Information Reported
5 - Expenditures of Public Funds All expenditures from the public funds account.
6 - Expenditures of Non-Public Funds All other expenditures.
7 - Expenditures Made by Others Expenditures made by others on behalf of the candidate (in-kind contributions).
8 - Refunds to Campaign for Disbursements from Public Funds Account Amounts returned to the campaign by vendors who were paid with public funds.
9 - Refunds to Campaign for disbursements from Non-Public Funds Account (Depository and Matching Fund Accounts) Amounts returned to the campaign by vendors who were paid with non-public funds.
10 - Loans and Obligations All outstanding loans and expenditures incurred but not yet paid for.
11 - Allocations to Other Candidates Amounts spent on behalf of other candidates.
12 - Transfers/Reimbursements Between Accounts Funds moved from one gubernatorial campaign account to another.

The data entered into GEFS Expenditure Schedules 5 (Expenditures of Public Funds) and 6 (Expenditures of Non-Public Funds) will also be used to create the two expenditure schedules that are required as part of form P-1 as follows:


Form P-1 Schedule Information Included file with Submission(s)
5 - Report of disbursements from Public Fund Account is generated from information entered into GEFS Expenditure Schedule 5 Expenditure information for each expenditure from the public funds account since the last submission. If an expenditure exceeds $5,000, a payee certification must be attached (see N.J.A.C. 19:25-15.20). All submissions after first submission. If there are no expenditures to report, the schedule should state “No expenditures”.
6 - Expenditure Threshold Documentation is generated from information entered into GEFS Expenditure Schedule 6 Detailed expenditure information to prove that $2650,000 has been spent or that there is a commitment to spend $260,000 in the 2001 general election, including copies of checks, receipted bills, or contacts. First submission only

Information Entered into GEFS Expenditures Schedules

Click on the appropriate Expenditure Schedule from the FILING SCHEDULE drop down box. The chart on page 47 describes the type of expenditure to be reported on each schedule. See instructions on the following pages for inserting expenditure details into the numbered fields below:

Information Enetered into GEFS Expenditures Schedules

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