• What is ELEC?

    Established in 1973‚ ELEC monitors the campaign financing of all elections in the State. Whether the election is for Governor or Mayor‚ member of the Legislature or a City Council‚ candidates and campaign organizations are required to file with the Commission contribution and expenditure reports.

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    The New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission is located at 28 W. State Street‚ 13th Floor‚ Trenton‚ New Jersey.

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Help for GEFS

ELEC - Gubernatorial Electronic Filing System

The Gubernatorial Electronic Filing System (GEFS)

The Gubernatorial Electronic Filing System (GEFS) is an electronic filing system designed to collect contribution and expenditure data required to be reported by a gubernatorial candidate to the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission (hereafter, the Commission). Gubernatorial candidates who qualify to receive public matching funds are required by law to file two separate types of reports with the Commission, the Gubernatorial Election Matching Fund Claims (Forms P-1) and the Gubernatorial Election Financial Summary Reports (Forms G-1). GEFS enables a gubernatorial candidate to collect contribution and expenditure data that must be filed in the two types of reports and to prepare the P-1 and G-1 forms for filing.

The Commission recommends that gubernatorial candidates and treasurers read the Commission’s Regulations and Compliance Manual for Campaign Reporting for information on filing requirements applicable to all candidates. The unofficial text of the Regulations and the Compliance Manual are available on the Commission’s website at www.elec.state.nj.us. You may also obtain these materials by contacting the Commission at 609-292-8700.

Matching Fund Claims (Form P-1 Submissions)

To receive public matching funds, candidates must file the Gubernatorial Election Matching Fund Claim (Form P-1). Form P-1 consists of the Candidate and Treasurer Certification pages and Schedules One through Five. Information concerning the schedules may be found on page 4. The initial matching submission must demonstrate that the campaign has deposited at least $260,000 in 2001 general election contributions eligible for match and must also be accompanied by proof that the campaign has spent $260,000 in the 2001 general election. A 2001 general election gubernatorial candidate must file the initial application for matching funds, accompanied by the Agreement to Participate in 2001 General Election Debates, no later than September 4, 2001. The debate agreement form and information on the 2001 general election gubernatorial debates may be obtained by contacting the Special Programs staff.

After the first Form P-1 is filed, subsequent Forms P-1 may be filed on any of the dates listed in the Appendix. Each matching fund claim, after the initial claim, must contain at least $12,500.00 in contributions eligible for match. Each application for gubernatorial public matching funds (Form P-1) is required to include schedules containing contribution information and documents related to those contributions. GEFS “marries” contribution information that has been entered into the system with images of contribution checks, deposit slips, and other related documents that must be filed as part of a Form P-1. The contributor information and images of documents are reviewed by the Commission’s Special Programs staff to determine whether or not matching funds will be recommended for each contribution.

The following are required to be submitted with Form P-1:

Form P-1 Schedule or Certification Information Included File with Submission(s)

Candidate and Treasurer Certification

If no preelection Form G-1 has been filed, on the first submission, indicate whether or not contributions of $400 or less are authorized to be disclosed to the public; candidate and treasurer must certify.


1 – Receipts Submitted for Match

Monetary contributions for match.


2 – Receipts Submitted in Part for Match

Contributions for part match.


3 – Receipts Not Submitted for or Eligible for Match

Contributions not for match, in-kind contributions, candidate funds not for match (over $2,600), loans, candidate loans, bank loans, and interest on invested funds (only non-public funds may be invested).


4 – Reportable Disbursements

Full and part refunds of matched and unmatched contributions, matched and unmatched bad checks, and repayment of candidate loans and bank loans.


5 – Report of Disbursements from Public Fund Account

Expenditure information for each expenditure from the public funds account since the last submission. If an expenditure exceeds $5,000, a payee certification must be attached (see N.J.A.C. 19:25-15.20).

All submissions after first submission. If there are no expenditures to report, the schedule should state “No expenditures.”

6 – Expenditure Threshold Documentation

Detailed expenditure information to prove that $260,000 has been spent or that there is a commitment to spend $260,000 in the 2001 general election, including copies of checks, receipted bills, or contracts.

First submission only

Election Fund Reports (Form G-1)

Gubernatorial candidates must also file the Gubernatorial Election Financial Summary Reports (Forms G-1), the campaign reports for a publicly-financed candidate of all contribution and expenditure activity. Depending upon the date when contribution and expenditure activity commences, Form G-1 is required to be filed on the dates for candidate reporting which can be found in the Appendix. GEFS is designed to generate Form G-1 which includes complete expenditure information, as well as contribution information on the following schedules:

The following are required to be submitted with each Form G-1:

INFORMATION INCLUDED: If no preelection Form G-1 has been filed, on the first submission, indicate whether or not contributions of $400 or less are authorized to be disclosed to the public; candidate and treasurer must certify.

INFORMATION INCLUDED: Contributions, loans (other than bank loans), in-kind contributions, and candidate's personal funds.

INFORMATION INCLUDED: Other campaign receipts, including interest.

INFORMATION INCLUDED: Refunded and returned contributions, repaid loans, and previously deposited contributions returned for insufficient funds.


SCHEDULE OR CERTIFICATION 5 - Expenditures of Public Funds
INFORMATION INCLUDED: All expenditures from the public funds account.

SCHEDULE OR CERTIFICATION 6- Expenditures of Non-Public Funds
INFORMATION INCLUDED: All other expenditures.

SCHEDULE OR CERTIFICATION 7 - Expenditures Made by Others
INFORMATION INCLUDED: Expenditures made by others on behalf of the candidate (in-kind contributions).

SCHEDULE OR CERTIFICATION 8 - Refunds to Campaign for Disbursements from Public Funds Account
INFORMATION INCLUDED: Amounts refunded to the campaign by vendors who were paid with public funds.

SCHEDULE OR CERTIFICATION 9 - Refunds to Campaign for Disbursements from Non-Public Funds Account (Depository and Matching Fund Accounts)
INFORMATION INCLUDED: Amounts refunded to the campaign by vendors who were paid with non-public funds.

SCHEDULE OR CERTIFICATION 10 - Loans and Obligations
INFORMATION INCLUDED: All outstanding loans and expenditures incurred but not yet paid for.

SCHEDULE OR CERTIFICATION 11 - Allocations to Other Candidates
INFORMATION INCLUDED: Amounts spent on behalf of other candidates.

SCHEDULE OR CERTIFICATION 12 - Transfers/Reimbursements Between Accounts
INFORMATION INCLUDED: Funds moved from one campaign account to another.

Personal Financial Disclosure (Form PFD-1)

Please note that all 2001 general election gubernatorial candidates who were nominated directly by petition and who did not participate in the 2001 primary election, are required to file the Personal Financial Disclosure Statement (Form PFD-1) no later than July 6, 2001. The Commission will send Form PFD-1 and instructions to each 2001 general election gubernatorial candidate in advance of that date. Form PFD-1 will also be made available at a later date on the Commission’s website.

Issue Advocacy Organization Disclosure (Forms P-2 and P-2A)

To comply with P.L. 2001, c.20 (effective January 30, 2001), as a condition of receipt of 2001 general election public matching funds, each gubernatorial candidate must file either the Issue Advocacy Organization Report of Contributions and Expenditures (Form P-2) to disclose contributions to and expenditures by issue advocacy organizations in which the candidate was or is involved, or the Candidate Certification of Non-Participation in Issue Advocacy Organizations (Form P-2A), if the candidate was not and is not involved in issue advocacy organizations. The Commission will send these forms to all gubernatorial candidates.


The Commission recommends that gubernatorial candidates, treasurers, and staff make an appointment to meet with the Special Programs staff for an information session on the requirements of the Gubernatorial Public Financing Program and for training on GEFS. Please contact the Special Programs staff at 609-292-8700 to set up an appointment.

Registration to Use GEFS

To use GEFS, you must register with the Commission to obtain a candidate identification number (CID), and a Registration Number and Personal Identification Numbers (PIN) for the Candidate and Treasurer. These numbers are used by Commission staff to authenticate the report each time a Form P-1 or G-1 is filed. Contact the Special Programs staff at 609-292-8700 to request GEFS registration materials.

Obligation to Retain Records

In addition to the record of contributions and expenditures maintained electronically on GEFS, a publicly-financed gubernatorial candidate and treasurer(s) are required to retain all written instruments, checks, bank statements and all other records of contributions and expenditures, including originals or photocopies of all documents and instruments submitted to the Commission relating to the 2001 general election for a period not less than four years after submission of the final report for the general election. Each candidate, campaign treasurer or deputy campaign treasurer is required to provide to the Commission any books and records, including bank records for all accounts and supporting documentation for matching fund submissions as may be requested for purposes of an audit or other Commission examination.

Candidate and Treasurer Filing Obligations

In addition to the requirements of the Public Financing Program, New Jersey gubernatorial candidates and treasurers are subject to all reporting and record keeping requirements applicable to other New Jersey candidates. These requirements are discussed in the “Compliance Manual for Campaign Reporting” which may be obtained from the Commission or on the Commission’s website at www.elec.state.nj.us.