Help for GEFS

Multi-Contributor Mode

What is Multiple-Contributor Mode?

MCP will permit you to “marry” more than one contribution item to one check image, its deposit slip image, and its related documents in GEFS. For example, the related document may contain instructions on allocation of a single, scanned partnership check and deposit slip among several partners who have signed a letter (the related document). Without the partners’ signatures and allocation instructions, the contribution is an impermissible contribution from a partnership. Or the campaign may have received a check in the amount of $5,200 that is drawn on a checking account owned by a husband and wife, but signed only by the wife. The related document is signed by the husband and contain instructions to allocate $2,600 of a $5,200 check to him. Without the husband’s signature and instructions in the related document, the contribution is an illegal excessive contribution.

CLICK on the PROCESS MULTIPLE button in the Item Details screen.

Item Details Screen

The words “PROCESSING MULTIPLE OPERATION” will appear at the bottom left side of the screen.

Processing Multiple Operation Screen


In MCP Mode, enter only that portion of the check that is attributable to the first contributor. Do not enter the full amount of the check. Enter all contributor details for the first contributor. Be sure to check the boxes for “ATTACH CHECK” and “ATTACH RELATED DOCUMENT.” Click SAVE.

After saving the information for the first contributor, a new Item Number will appear and the contributor details from the first contributor will be duplicated. Repeat the process and modify the Item and Contributor details, as needed, for each individual contributor, changing information where necessary. Be sure to change the contribution amount, if necessary, and to enter any different name, address, or occupation and employer details. GEFS will automatically attach the same check and deposit slip. Click on the RELATED DOCUMENTS tab. Find the correct Related Document (i.e., that is the letter or other document that contains the contributors’ signatures and indicates how to allocate the check) by using the NEXT and PREVIOUS buttons. When you locate the correct Related Document, attach it by checking the “ATTACH RELATED DOCUMENT” box. Click on SAVE.

In MCP Mode, before you enter the last contributor related to the single check, CLICK on the LAST INDIVIDUAL button. If you SAVED an item before clicking on “LAST INDIVIDUAL,” close out of the CONTRIBUTION, Schedule Details, Insert menu and reopen to enter the next item(s). Also, if you SAVED an item before checking on any check box, e.g. related document, see instructions on page 39 to insert an image in the EDIT mode.