Help for GEFS

Read all GEFS instructions on the following pages before you begin to use GEFS.

Rules for Data Entry of Contributor Information

Use absolutely no punctuation of any kind when entering contributor information, regardless of how the contributor spells his, her, or its name. For example, the last name of O'Connell is entered as OCONNELL and a firm name of JONES, JONES AND SMITH, would be entered as JONES JONES & SMITH.

Names of candidate and joint candidates committees ONLY, are entered with the last name of the candidates being entered first. For example, a joint candidates committee whose name is: Committee to Elect John Q. Public and Jill R. Nonpublic would be entered as, PUBLIC NONPUBLIC JOHN Q & JILL R CTE. The last names are always entered first and there is never any punctuation.

This same rule applies to Friends of, Election Account of, Elect… , Re-elect…, etc. The candidate's last name is followed by the first name and then FO (Friends of), EAO (Election Account of), E (Elect), RE (Reelect), etc is entered after the first name or middle initial.

A political action committee, legislative leadership committee, or a State, county or municipal political party committee name is always entered as the actual name using the abbreviation of the state, but no punctuation. For example, the New Jersey State committees are entered as, NJ DEMOCRATIC STATE COMMITTEE OR NJ REPUBLICAN STATE COMMITTEE.

Entry into GEFS of Contributor Information

Review N.J.A.C. 19:25-10.15, Contributions made by check, for guidance in correctly reporting the identity of each contributor. Examine contributions from business entities carefully to determine whether or not the entity is a corporation. Corporate status must be clearly identified on the check or other source document accompanying the check. Therefore, the check or other written instrument from a business must contain “Corporation,” “Corp.,” “Inc.,” “Professional Corporation (P.C.),” or “Professional Association (P.A.)” clearly on its face, or the contributor's corporate status must be clearly determined from supporting documentation.


  • Use the list of Data Entry Abbreviations that follows.
  • Use two-letter state abbreviations.


  • Always make a duplicate CD of Form P-1 or Form G-1.
  • Always print and maintain a paper copy of Form P-1 or G-1.

Known Issues

  • Using the Batch Scan Mode may take longer than Single Document Scan Mode because in Batch Scan Mode each document is automatically being scanned and saved at 8.5“ x 11.” This may result in slower scanning and using more disk memory than Single Document Scan Mode.
  • If your computer is set up to use more than one scanner, you must select a scanner to use with GEFS through the Scan Main Menu, Select Scanner.
Data Entry Abbreviations

Apartment APT
Association ASSN
Avenue AVE
Boulevard BLVD
Building BLDG
Center CTR
Committee CMTE
Company CO
Corporation CORP
Court CT
Committee To Elect CTE
Drive DR
East E
Election Fund Of EFO
Friends Of FO (candidate's name first)
Highway HWY

Incorporated INC
International INTL (if not 1st word)
Lane LN
Management MGMT
Mount MT
New Jersey NJ
North N
Northeast NE
Northwest NW
Organization ORGAN
Parkway PKWY
Place PL
Plaza PLZ
Political Action Committee PAC
Political Education Committee PEC
Post Office Box PO Box
Professional Association P A
Professional Corporation P C
Road RD
Route RT
Rural Delivery R D
Rural Route RR
South S
Southeast SE
Southwest SW
Square SQ
Street ST
Suite STE
Terrace TER
Turnpike TPKE
West W