Help for GEFS

Schedule 1 - Receipts Submitted for Match
Schedule 1 is used to report all contributions that are intended for match with public funds.

Use the Tab key to navigate quickly from field to field when entering contribution details.

Deposit Number: Enter the Deposit Number that you have assigned to this deposit. Please note that once you enter a Deposit Number, it cannot be changed without deleting all records for that deposit from GEFS. Once you enter a Deposit Number, images will be available for viewing using the Checks, Deposit Slip, and Related Document(s) tabs on the right side of the screen.

Deposit Date: CLICK on the DEPOSIT SLIP Tab to view the image of the deposit slip. Locate the correct Deposit Date on the image and enter the Deposit Date as MM/DD/YYYY. Be sure that the bank receipt stamp is visible on the deposit slip image. It may be necessary to scan the back of the deposit slip as an additional page to capture the bank receipt stamp.

Tab to the Item Number field.

Item Number: The sequential Item Number will be generated automatically by GEFS as you use the Tab key to navigate to the field.

Select the “Check” tab to view scanned images of checks.

Receipt Type and Contributor Type: CLICK on the CHECK tab on the right side of the screen to view the first check image. Verify that the check is listed on the deposit slip. Using the drop down boxes, SELECT the correct RECEIPT TYPE and CONTRIBUTOR TYPE to correspond to the contribution check image visible on the right side of the screen. The receipt type also determines the Form G-1 schedule upon which the contribution will be reported. A listing of Receipt Types and Contributor Types is available by clicking on MISCELLANEOUS, Support Files in the Main Menu.

Date Contribution Received and Contribution Amount: Using the Tab key, enter the date the contribution was received by the campaign. This date may or may not be the same as the Deposit Date. Enter the contribution amount.

If you use the Tab key, the Contributor Details screen will automatically appear, or you may Click on the Contributor Details tab to move to that screen.