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Schedule 2 - Receipts Submitted In Part For Match

Schedule 2 is used for those contributions for which only a portion of the contribution amount is eligible for match. For example, a contribution of $2,000 is made and the campaign provides the contributor with a watch, valued at $500, which has a picture of the candidate on its face. The contribution is eligible for match only to the extent that the contribution amount exceeds the fair market value of the item purchased, that is $1,500 is eligible for match, and only that excess amount ($1,500) will be included in calculating the $2,600 contribution limit. If the item is purchased by check, the contributor should be notified of the fair market value of the item purchased. If the contribution is $200 or less and is made in currency, the contributor must complete a signature card which includes the date of purchase and his or her name, address, and signature. This signature card must also display the amount of the sale price which is the reasonable commercial value of the item to the purchaser and the excess amount which is considered a contribution. The completion of the signature card is adequate notification to the contributor of how much has been contributed toward the contribution limit.

Schedule 2 - Receipts Submitted In Part For Match

  1. Enter the fair market value of the item purchased by the contributor (e.g. $500 for the watch in the example above).
  2. Enter the contribution amount in excess of the fair market value of the item (e.g. $1,500 in the example above).
  3. CLICK on the Contributor Details tab to enter contributor information, including occupation and employer details.

Follow the directions beginning on page 26 above for entering contribution information and attaching images of documents (deposit slip, check, and any related documents).

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