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Schedule 4 - Reportable Disbursements

To ensure the accurate reporting of the amount of each contribution, certain disbursements by the campaign must be reported at the same time claims for public matching funds are submitted (Form P-1) or campaign reports are filed (Form G-1). Schedule 4 is therefore used to report the return or refund of a contribution, the repayment of a loan, and accounting adjustments for contributions that were previously reported as receipts but were returned to the campaign for insufficient funds.

Schedule 4 - Reportable Disbursements

  1. The deposit number for all items on Schedule 4 is 999.
  2. Enter the date of the first refund or other adjustment to a contribution made in Deposit 999 as the deposit date.
  3. Enter the refund or loan payment check number issued by the campaign from the depository or matching fund account. Does GEFS assign an item number? There must be an item # so that it can be identified as 1/999/1.
  4. Describe the purpose of the adjustment (e.g., full refund, partial refund, loan payment, or insufficient funds).

Important note: Follow the directions beginning on page 26 above for entering contribution information and attaching images of documents (check, bank document and any other related documents). On Schedule 4 you must enter the contributor name and address for the refund or adjustment exactly as it was entered on Schedule 1, 2, or 3 to permit the Commission’s computer system to merge the contribution and refund amounts to report the correct contribution total. You must also attach the image of any refund check issued by the campaign or any bank document indicating that a check was dishonored for insufficient funds.

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