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Schedules 8 & 9

Sechdule 8 and 9


Schedules 8 and 9 are used to report amounts refunded TO the gubernatorial campaign for expenditures that have been made from the public funds account (Schedule 8) and from non-public funds accounts (Schedule 9). For example, a check was issued by the campaign to a radio station for a media buy, but the campaign advertisements did not run. Therefore the radio station has reimbursed a portion of the original check to the campaign. If the original expenditure for the media time was made from the public funds account, the refund to the campaign must be reported on Schedule 8.

  1. The Account Type is automatically set at “Public Funds” on Schedule 8. For Schedule 9, using the radio buttons, select the account from which the refunded expenditure was made, that is either the Depository or Matching Funds Account.
    Next, begin to enter “Refund Details.”
  2. Beginning with the first refund received to an account, all refunds to the campaign must be numbered sequentially for that account throughout the entire election. Enter the sequential “Refund Number.”
  3. The description of the refunded expenditure must be the same as the description of the expenditure as originally reported on Schedule 5 or 6.
  4. Enter the portion of the refunded amount that was subject to the expenditure limit and the portion that was not subject to the expenditure limit.
  5. Enter the name and address of the vendor or other entity making the refund, that is the Refunding Entity.

Enter all other information, including date of the refund and payee type, as discussed on pages 49 and 50. Click SAVE. Click CLOSE when you have finished entering expenditure information on a particular schedule.

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