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Scan Single Document Mode
Single Scan Document

Select Scan Single Document from the Electronic Filing Scan Menu.

Arrange documents to be scanned. Scan documents together that relate to a single deposit. Scan documents for each deposit in the following order: deposit slip, checks, and related documents.

Place a document in the scanner.

Using the radio buttons at the top, left of the screen (1), select the Document Type.

Set Image Size. The scanner will automatically scan for an 8.5” x 11” sized document (default size). To speed scanning, if the document is smaller than the default size (8.5” x 11”), select Custom Size (2) and set a smaller document width and height (3). For example, a standard business sized check may be set at 8 wide by 3 high.

Click on SCAN (4). The image will appear on the screen. If necessary, use Rotate (5) to turn the image. Click on SAVE (6) after each image. If the document being scanned is more than one page, scan the pages in order, selecting the correct Document Type, and saving after each page.

Click on CLOSE (7) when the scanning session is complete.

To Delete a Scanned Document

Until an image of a scanned document is “married” to contribution details by GEFS, it is identified by GEFS as an unattached document. If you scanned an incorrect document, and it will not be married to a contribution item, you can delete by using the Delete Scanned Document(s) function.


Delete a Scanned Document

CLICK on DELETE SCANNED DOCUMENT(S). When the scanning screen appears, use the down arrow in the right scroll bar to advance to the image you want to delete. Using the mouse, LEFT CLICK to highlight the document to be deleted. The highlighted image appearing on the screen is the image that will be deleted from GEFS. If you have highlighted the wrong document, use CTRL + LEFT CLICK to remove the highlighting. When you have highlighted the correct document to be deleted, CLICK on DELETE.

CLICK CLOSE to exit.

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