Help for GEFS

System Specifications
Before You Begin…

System Specifications: To use the GEFS package, your computer system must be able to support document scanning equipment and be capable of writing information to a CD. You will therefore need at least the following:

Processor: Pentium® III processor 350 or higher

Memory: 128MB RAM (DIMM)

First Hard Drive: 10GB2 ATA-66/100 IDE (7200 rpm)


  • 21” monitor preferred
  • 19” monitor

Graphics Card: Diamond Viper V770D, 32MB

CD ROM, DVD, and Read-Write Drives: 20/48X IDE CD-ROM


  • Tested with Hp Scanjet 6350 and
  • Fujitsu ScanPartner 15C – (faster scanner; may be the preferred scanner)

CD Burner: Tested with 4x IDE writer

Operating Systems:

  • Microsoft Windows® 2000 Professional
  • Microsoft Windows® NT 4.0

The Commission recommends further that your computer system have a daily back-up mechanism to ensure the integrity of the information that will be entered into GEFS.