Help on “Create Customized Party and PAC Listing”

All of the search fields are optional. However, due to the size of the searchable database it is recommended you make at least one selection . If you are not sure of a search field or don't want to narrow your search by that field leave the selection at “ALL”.

Use PAC Type to search by specific PAC categories. PACs are placed into one of various categories by ELEC staff, such as “State Political Party Committee,” or “Labor Union.” However, to assure the accuracy of your search, we suggest that you first review all the categories and search as many as apply. For example, if you are interested in looking at all Union PACs, start your search by selecting “Union PAC” as the type of PAC. After reviewing that list, select “Labor Union” as your next search.

Use Party Affiliation to search by a specific party.

Use the Location search box to find those entities filing reports in a specific legislative district, county or municipality.

Use Year to search for entities within a specific election year.

Use the Listing of Entities and the Listing of Entities with Filings and the Sort By options as needed.