• What is ELEC?

    Established in 1973‚ ELEC monitors the campaign financing of all elections in the State. Whether the election is for Governor or Mayor‚ member of the Legislature or a City Council‚ candidates and campaign organizations are required to file with the Commission contribution and expenditure reports.

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  • Hours of Operation

    9:00 am-5:00 pm‚ Monday - Friday

    Public Room:
    9:15 am-4:45 pm‚ Monday - Friday


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  • Address

    The New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission is located at 28 W. State Street‚ 13th Floor‚ Trenton‚ New Jersey.

    By U.S. Mail

    New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission‚ P.O. Box 185‚ Trenton‚ New Jersey 08625-0185.

    By Commercial Delivery Service

    New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission‚ 28 West State Street‚ 13th floor‚ Trenton‚ New Jersey 08608.

  • By Phone

    General information and Help Desk at: (609) 292-8700

    Toll Free within New Jersey: 1(888) 313-ELEC (3532)

    By Fax

    48-hour notices only: (609) 292-7662‚ (609) 292-7664‚ (609) 292-4301 or (609) 292-4416. Other reports will not be accepted by fax.

    Legal Section: (609) 777-1457

    Administration Section: (609) 777-1448


Help for REFS

Statement of Campaign Depository

Statement of Campaign Depository  

OPENING BALANCE THIS REPORT: If this is the first report filed by this entity in this election, ENTER zero on this line. If it is a report other than a first report, the amount of the closing balance of the previous report will appear automatically.

FUNDS TRANSFERRED FROM PRIOR CAMPAIGN: Entered automatically from Summary screen.

DEPOSITS: Entered either automatically or manually.

DISBURSEMENTS: Entered either automatically or manually.

CLOSING BALANCE, THIS REPORT: Entered automatically.

BANK ACCOUNTS: Click on the “ALL ACCOUNTS” button or select the bank account(s) individually by clicking on the account name. Click the “SAVE” button, and click “OK” to confirm that the information was saved.

Use the “VIEW PREVIOUS SCREEN” button to return to the Campaign Summary screen if needed.


On the “FILE WITH ELEC” screen click the “PREVIEW” button. Each schedule will now appear on the screen. In order to close one schedule to see the next use the bottom “X” in the upper right hand corner. Use the printer icon on the tool bar to print a specific schedule. If the schedule is more than one page the arrows on the tool bar will become active so that you can page through the schedule.

To print the entire report click the “PRINT REPORT TO LOCAL PRINTER” check box on the “FILE WITH ELEC” screen then click the “PREVIEW/PRINT” button or “PRINT” button if the “FILE WITH ELEC PREVIEW” is turned off. Each schedule will appear on the screen as well as print. To close each schedule use the bottom “X” in the upper right hand corner.

You may check either the Preview box or the Print box or both. Using the “PRINT REPORT TO LOCAL PRINTER” check box is the only way to have the entire report print.