Help for REFS

Declaration of Final Report

Complete this section only if the conditions for a final report are met. A report is final when the election fund of a Candidate, Joint Candidates Committee, or Political Committee, established for a specific election, has completed business and has been dissolved. If there are any outstanding obligations, the total amount must not exceed $1,000, or must not exceed ten percent of the expenditures of the election fund with respect to the election, whichever amount is less; or, written evidence must be provided that any existing obligation is likely to be discharged or forgiven. All surplus funds must be disposed of for a report to be final.

At the 20-day post-election report (or at the first quarterly reporting date after the 20-day post election report), the “Declaration of Final Report” must be completed. If, at the 20-day post-election report, the Candidate or Committee has wound up its business and the election fund has been properly dissolved, check the box. No further reporting will be required for that election.