Help for REFS


In order to Edit information entered previously, close any Schedule windows you may be working in, click the Edit function (found in any of the Form R1 Filing, Schedules – either contribution or expenditure, Schedule Details menu).



Select the Schedule you wish to edit from the drop down list. You can locate the entry you wish to edit by leaving all fields blank and clicking “Search” and all the entries will be retrieved. Highlight the entry, click “Edit” to open the Item Details screen for you to make the necessary changes. Be sure to click “Save” when you are finished.

However, if you wish to narrow down the number of entries, and you know something about the entry you wish to edit, such as the name or address of the contributor, the date range, or the contributor type (individual or nonindividual) you can enter some information and quickly locate the entry that requires editing. After you have completed editing, click “Save” and the change will be made.

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