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Election Type, Candidate and Committee CID

Election Type, Candidate and Committee CID


Click “Election Type” and select the election type. Note that the primary and general elections are separate elections.

NOTE: A CANDIDATE OR COMMITTEE IDENTIFICATION NUMBER (CID) IS REQUIRED TO FILE ELECTRONICALLY. CANDIDATES AND COMMITTEES ARE ASSIGNED a CID by ELEC. Do not create your own CID. If you do not have your CID, please contact the staff of the Commission at (609) 292-8700 immediately.

A separate database is created for each CID entered; so, for those of you using the software to file for more than one candidate or joint candidates committee, please use the correct CID for each. If you have any questions about this, please call the staff of the Commission.

There will be two radio buttons to choose from: “New CID” or “Existing CID.” The only time “New CID” should be selected is when you are entering the CID for the first time. Thereafter, select “Existing CID.”

Enter the election year, and the Candidate or Committee CID Number. Click “Proceed.”

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