Help for REFS

Joint Candidates Committee
Joint Candidates Committees

This screen will enable you to enter the basic filing information for a single candidate, joint candidates committee or political committee.

  • Single Candidate: Select the Candidate radio button. Enter the candidate’s last name, first name, middle initial, and suffix (Sr., Jr., III, etc.).
  • Joint Candidates Committee: Committee information for a Joint Candidates Committee will be entered first when the Joint Candidates Committee radio button is selected. Once the committee information has been saved, the candidate names will be entered. The general committee information will remain. Click “Save Information” after each name has been entered.

All Candidates/Committees

Enter the party affiliation for the type of Candidate/Committee selected, along with the election date, address, city, state, zip code, and county.

For Election District or Municipality – Enter “Statewide” if filing as Gubernatorial candidate, enter the legislative district if filing as a Senate or General Assembly candidate, enter the county if filing as a countywide candidate, and enter the town if filing as a local or municipal candidate.

Election type – Enter one of the following types: General, Primary, May Municipal, June Runoff, School Board or Special. If you are participating in a special election held at the time the General election is held, enter General.

Office Sought – Enter the office sought for which this report is being filed.

Click the “Save Information” button once all the information has been entered. This information will not have to be entered again in this election.