Help for REFS

Schedule 2(D) - Disbursements: Other

Schedule 2(D) should be used to report all disbursements, which are not campaign expenses. Included in this category are:

  1. disbursements for the payment of ordinary and necessary expenses of holding public office,
  2. contributions to charity, and
  3. all other disbursements.

Schedule 2(D) - Disbursements: Other

Schedule 2(D) – Insert Expenditure

The “Schedule Type” is defaulted to “Schedule 1(D) – Disbursements – Campaign Expenses.” Therefore, if you wish to enter information on “Schedule 2(D) – Disbursements – Others,” select it from the drop down list. Enter the payment date and check number of the disbursement.

Enter the amount attributable to your campaign in the “Pro-Rata Amount This Reporting Entity” box. Next, complete the “Pro-Rata Amount Others” box by entering the amount or portion of the disbursement attributable to another candidate or committee. The “Full Amount” of the disbursement will automatically appear in the “Full Amount” box. The “Pro-Rata Amount This Reporting Entity” and the “Pro-Rata Amount Others” will always equal the “Full Amount” box.

Tab or click the right arrow button to the “Expenditure Detail” tab and enter the Payee information or if an expenditure has been made to the same Payee previously select their name from the “Payee Name” drop down list and the address information will automatically be populated.

Click the “Save” button when you are finished with this entry. You can select another schedule to work with or “Close” to work in another area.