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Schedule B - In-Kind Contributions in Excess of $400

Schedule B is used to report non-monetary contributions of goods and services (that is, in-kind contributions) having a fair market value in excess of $400, or an in-kind contribution, which, when added to another contribution from the same contributor (monetary, in-kind, or loans), exceeds $400 in the aggregate for the election.

In-Kind contributions totaling $400 or less from a contributor do not have to be reported on Schedule B, but the sum total of all such contributions should be reported as one lump sum on Table I, Line 3.

Schedule B - In-Kind Contributions in Excess of $400


Schedule B – Insert Schedule Details – Contribution Screen

The “Schedule Type” is defaulted to Schedule A. Therefore, if you wish to enter information on Schedule B, you must select “Schedule B – In-Kind Contributions” from the list.

Indicate the Contributor Type (Individual or Nonindividual). Note that the default will be set to “Individual.” Enter the date received and the fair market value dollar amount (no dollar sign) of the in-kind contribution. Enter a short description (140 characters or less) of the in-kind contribution.

Note: The description of the goods or services must be adequate. For example, an adequate description is consulting, polling, printing, food and beverages, etc. Voluntary unpaid services are not in-kind contributions.

Click the right arrow button or tab to the “Contributor Details” screen and enter the contributor’s name and address information. Provide the contributor’s occupation by clicking on the “Occupation” list and selecting an occupation from the list provided. If you cannot find the appropriate occupation after reviewing the list, you may select “Other” found at the end of the list. If you have entered this contributor’s name and address previously, click on the “Last Name” list to select the name. All of the address, occupation and employer information will be automatically populated from the previous entry.

Note: At the bottom of this screen you will find the “Aggregate Amount” field. The aggregate amount of contributions will be automatically calculated for those contributions itemized on Schedules A, B, C, or Adjustment Schedule. Therefore, it is suggested that all contributions be entered into the database. Only contributions in excess of $400 will appear on Schedule B. Contributions not itemized on other schedules will not be included in the aggregate total. If you wish to override the “Aggregate Amount” figure, click or tab to the box and change the total to the correct amount.

If this in-kind contribution is from an individual, click or tab to the “Employer Details” screen and enter the employer information (name, address, city, state and zip code).

Click the “Save” button when you are finished with this entry. You can select another schedule to work with or “Close” to work in another area.