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Schedule C - Loans Received

Schedule C is used to report loans in excess of $400 or a loan, which, when added to another contribution from the same contributor (monetary, in-kind, or loans) exceeds $400 in the aggregate for the election. A loan is considered to be a contribution until repaid. Note that if a candidate lends himself or herself money, the loan must be disclosed. Personal loans made by the candidate to his/her own campaign are not subject to the contribution limits. Any loans received during this reporting period or any prior reporting periods which have not been repaid are outstanding obligations and must be reported on Schedule E.

Schedule C - Loans Received


Schedule C – Insert Schedule Details – Contribution Screen

The “Schedule Type” is defaulted to Schedule A. Therefore, if you wish to enter information on Schedule C, you must select “Schedule C – Loans Received” from the drop down list.

Indicate the Contributor Type (Individual or Nonindividual). Note that the default will be set to “Individual.” Enter the date received and the dollar amount (no dollar sign) of the loan.

“Individual” can be the candidate or some third party person. “Individual” must also be selected if the loan is from a bank or financial institution with a cosigner.

“Nonindividual” can be a joint candidates committee, continuing political committee, political party committee, legislative leadership committee, or some other entity.

If this is a loan from a bank or financial institution with a cosigner click the box for “Cosigner and Bank”. A cosigner can guarantee an amount that, when added with any other amounts contributed by the cosigner, does not exceed the contribution limit.

Click the right arrow button or Tab to the Lender/Cosigner Details tab and enter the lender/cosigner’s name and address information. Provide the lender/cosigner’s occupation by clicking on the Occupation drop down list and selecting an occupation from the list provided. If you cannot find the appropriate occupation after reviewing the list, you may select “Others” found at the end of the list. If you have entered this lender/cosigner’s name and address previously, click on the “Last Name” list to select the name. All of the address, occupation and employer information will be automatically populated from the previous entry.

Note: At the bottom of this screen you will find the “Aggregate Amount” field. The aggregate amount of contributions will be automatically calculated for those contributions itemized on Schedules A, B, C, or Adjustment Schedule. Therefore, it is suggested that all contributions be entered into the database. Only loans in excess of $400 will appear on Schedule C. Contributions not itemized on other schedules will not be included in the aggregate total. If you wish to override the “Aggregate Amount” figure, click or tab to the box and change the total to the correct amount.

For loans with a cosigner and bank a Lending Institution button will be found at the bottom of the screen. When you click on the button a second screen will open where the bank or financial institution information will be entered. After clicking the Save button you will be returned to the Schedule C input screen where you clicked the Lending Institution button.

If this loan is from an individual, click or tab to the “Employer Details” screen and enter the employer information (name, address, city, state and zip code).

Click the “Save” button when you are finished with this entry. You can select another schedule to work with or “Close” to work in another area.