Help for REFS

Schedule F - Refunded Disbursements

Enter on Schedule F any refunded disbursements. Examples of refunded disbursements are: a refund of a telephone deposit, a refund from a vendor for overpayment, or a refund from a radio or TV station or a newspaper for a prepaid ad that was not aired or printed.

Schedule F - Refunded Disbursements


Schedule F – Insert Expenditure

Schedule Type is set to “Schedule E – Outstanding Obligations” by default; you must select “Schedule F – Refunded Disbursements” from the drop down list. Enter the description (140 characters or less, no punctuation), and the date and dollar amount (no dollar sign).

Tab or click the right arrow button to the “Expenditure Detail” tab and enter the name and address information of the source of the disbursement. If the disbursement has been made to the same source previously, select their name from the “Full Name” drop down list and the address information will be automatically populated.

Click the “Save” button when you are finished with this entry. You can select another schedule to work with or “Close” to work in another area.