Help for REFS


If you are entering numerous entries with the same date and/or dollar amount, click on “Settings” and click on “Repeat Date.” Likewise, click on “Settings” and click on “Repeat Amount” for entries of the same amount. You can turn either of these options on or have them on together. The date and/or dollar amount fields will repeat after saving the first record.

Using the Tab key will help you move through the fields quickly when entering information. Also, you may click in the text box field to move the cursor.

When entering a contribution/disbursement/adjustment involving the same entity (contributor, vendor, or financial institution), you can save time by:

  • Clicking on the drop down list to select the appropriate name; or,
  • Start typing the name of the entity; or,
  • Use the down arrow key on the keyboard to scroll through the list to find and select the name.

Once the entity name is selected, all the appropriate address, account or other information from the entity will be copied to the new contribution/disbursement/adjustment record.