Help on Key Word Searches Using Wildcards

There is no need to enter an asterisk (*) for a wildcard search. Wildcard searches are automatic. In cases where you are presented with search fields that allow you to enter text, you will have the option of entering all or part of a name. The automatic wildcard feature will return a result set with each entry using wildcards for your searches. Wildcards provide a method for completing searches even when you do not know all of the required information.

Often, a candidate, committee, or PAC name entered does not match the name under which the entity filed reports. Also, a contributor’s name may appear in the database in a different form than what you have entered. If, after reviewing this information concerning key word searches, you are unable to complete your search, contact the staff of the Commission at (609) 292-8700 or Toll Free in NJ at 1-888-313-ELEC (3532) for assistance.

Wildcards for Candidate or Contributor Names

An example of the value that automatic wildcards add to searches is a search on a name that such as “Williamson.” The name can be searched by entering “Will,” William,” or “Williams.” Therefore, if you entered the word “Will” in the non-individual name field, all variations in the database having the letters “Will” will be presented in the result set.

Another example of performing a search is to search by other criteria such as PAC Type, Party Affiliation, Year, etc and leave out reference to a name.

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