2009 Gubernatorial General Election Candidates' Ballot Statements
The New Jersey Campaign Contributions and Expenditures Reporting Act (N.J.S.A. 19:44A-37) provides that a statement, not exceeding 500 words, from each candidate for election to the office of Governor, who wishes a statement mailed on his or her behalf, shall be mailed with the sample ballots for the 2009 general election to each registered voter in this State to assist the voters in making their determination among the candidates. Attached herewith are statements from the candidates for Governor in the 2009 general election who chose to submit such statements.
Candidate English Version Spanish Version
Christopher Christie Ballot Statement - Christie (English) Ballot Statements - Christie (Spanish)
Jon S. Corzine Ballot Statement - Corzine (English) Ballot Statements - Corzine (Spanish)
Jason Cullen Ballot Statement - Cullen (English) Ballot Statements - Cullen (Spanish)
Christopher J. Daggett Ballot Statement - Daggett (English) Ballot Statements - Daggett (Spanish)
Kenneth R. Kaplan Ballot Statement - Kaplan (English) Ballot Statements - Kaplan (Spanish)
Joshua Leinsdorf Ballot Statement - Leinsdorf (English) Ballot Statements - Leinsdorf (Spanish)
Alvin Lindsay Jr. Ballot Statement - Lindsay (English) Ballot Statements - Lindsay (Spanish)
David R. Meiswinkle Ballot Statement - Meiswinkle (English) Ballot Statements - Meiswinkle (Spanish)
Gregory Pason Ballot Statement - Pason (English) Ballot Statements - Pason (Spanish)
Kostas Petris Ballot Statement - Petris (English) Ballot Statements - Petris (Spanish)
Gary T. Steele Ballot Statement - Steele (English) Ballot Statements - Steele (Spanish)
Gary Stein Ballot Statement - Stein (English) Ballot Statements - Stein (Spanish)

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